My Dirty Little Blade

Ravaged my soul, it needed mending
Found you, the one who became my crutch
Twisted by little games you had planned
All to keep my belief that without you I’d break.

Went along with all your binding biddings,
Your sick appeals to my diminished nature.
And if I ever spoke a nay, crouching in fear,
Brutal was your love on my weary flesh.

Degrading my already decayed courage,
Belittling my worth, humiliating everyday
I owned nothing of myself, snatched bit by bit
In tatters, just a thing to amuse the Devil in you.

Till one day a single sanguine drop on my lips
Brought on by another lesson of your discipline
Ignited a long dead sensation, inviting an eclipse
on your beautiful mansion decorated in autumn bliss

As my now alive, belligerent heart began to rage
Felt so fresh to feel again, even if all I felt
Was an obsessive need to kill or burn or maim
Dressed in your favorite threads, dipped in revenge

Fucked you like I was naive, submitting to your will
Made you breathless; done it before countless times
Hidden by the bedpost, now I took out my knife, 
Pressed it against your gut, atop this time I climbed

Riding myself to frenzy, you yelled and darling, so did I
Anxious to fuck you s’more, now began my dirty little blade
Amidst sounds of bloody screams gushing, free at last
As you cried your way to hell, I rose up to meet heaven.

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