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  1. As I read this it reminds me as what Christians know to be a Spiritual Battle. It’s a battle that we see ourselves in. A battle between good and evil. We have the enemy trying to destroy us, but as Christians we know that God through His Holy Spirit is able to be Conqueror and to fight our battles. So when the enemy comes to attack we run to God for shelter and take cover…eventually the enemy is not able to torture us in the same way, and as a result we will have more encouraging and uplifting words as the Holy Spirit is now whispering. He never frightens, He never tortures.


    1. As someone who has a mother who has strong spiritual beliefs, I can understand your perspective. 

      Though I am neither religious nor spiritual but this idea of it being a struggle between darkness and light is such a universal theme that it’s the most commonly drawn metaphor when it comes to health struggles.

      Mental disorders especially can feel like a battle between your best form and the worst inflictions of the disease and it’s usually contrasted as a fight between something evil and good.

      But the irony is that too often some of my best works have come out of my worst times, being a survivor of a mental disorder myself. That is to say, my “evil” self has often helped me draw from my mental pain and create something beautiful, something good.

      Does that mean my “evil” self has a greater fecund imagination than my “good” self? No.

      It’s all part of who I am and how I use my own strength to guide myself through painful times. It’s just that some invoke a higher power to do the same and some don’t. Doesn’t make my way better than anyone else’s. It just makes it better for me.

      Thank you for reading my work and thank you so much for contributing your thoughts. 

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