Indoctrinated, you and I in self-hatred
Dove routinely into bottomless abyss,
To get accustomed to brutal realities
Of being born into a poverty pit
And left alone to fend for ourselves
They who didn’t once let out a helping hand
armed with such reductionist theories
claimed our venom infiltrated bodies
wanted to act out daily drama to breathe.

Oh boy, if only did we!

Sinners have always been, you and I
On path of self-destruction sucking
On mommy’s stolen pills 
Since we were five
‘cause blimey! her titties were always dry
Unlike daddy’s hammering fists
drenched in amber liquid
And sometimes shards of glass,
Swung without fail every night
madly kissing air left and right
At times declaring a winner,
Drawing red out our chapped lips

But boy, did we learn to duck!
They who never bothered with us
Couldn’t be persuaded to see
how destitute can be the living
When the noise of chattering teeth
competes against a growling tummy
And to subdue those painful stabs
You walk cold streets filled with even colder hearts
To take your first lesson in dumpster-diving.

Hell boy, hungry pussies can really bite!

Those who hauled us into Homes
That were just wood, slaps and stones
to try make us trot a righteous path
never did they find in their hearts
To scratch beneath that stolid facade
And unearth what once was innocent.

But boy, did we foolishly hope!

And now that we are marked delinquents
In the eyes of that made-up Lord
Standing in front of Lady Justice 
Did they scream a thousand petitions
To put us behind bars
To teach us some lesson in morality
When all we did was tip the scales
Of their savagery just a little on our side.


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