Thinking Of You

Photo by Nikola Jelenkovic.
In the middle of my work your random thought drifted up, 
floating to my heart's forefront. 
Violently, I shook it away...

Sending it back to depths of desires unknown.

On my break, relaxing with my cup of tea,

you interrupted again...
Tugging on my attention,
Calling back memories of our conversations
that always trotted teasingly into 

devilishly charming territory of flirting.

A smile on my lips betrayed my formal composure,

as I let myself venture into that turf of Maybe's
Wondering about you and what could have been
had we let ourselves step out of these bounds of propriety

even if for a minute,
Saying things that our grown-up selves would find foolish,

prepared to let Maturity late into night admonish us.

And still, we wouldn't stop till we have had our say,

if only we were brave enough like when we were kids, 
How we always kept finding a way to give hell to inhibitions, 
Wouldn't that be fantastic? Or, fantastically awkward... 
I, for one, would definitely laugh and I suspect so you would.
But maybe that's what we all need...

To say things while wearing our hearts on sleeves,
never mind if it breaks... At least we did take a risk.
If only did we! 

And without fail, all my ruminations culminate 

to one simple question again, that will never find an answer,
"Do you think about me as well?"
Rolling my eyes on these child-like recollections

of silly memories that partner up with my ephemeral loneliness
I smile again as reality takes my hand,

squeezing it gently, it leads me back
to my path that will probably never intersect yours.


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