The Box

Break you did my heart 
so thoroughly that I know not 
if it will beat ever right again 
but irony is thus that even in hurt, 
with each fluttering gasp,
it hasn’t stopped calling your name.

And there in lies my Herculean task 
to bleed myself as I cut your presence out
my life that limpingly walks
the cruel routine of putting together a Box, 
that will hold all memories of you 
tangled within the emblem of Us.

But how am I supposed to start 
demarcating where you begin and I end 
as I sift through blurred moments of past
Holding old mementos in numbed hands
Trying to fit in reasons why we fell apart
were the things that we said but never did intend.

And all that is left in this cardboard house
are what once were decorations on our love,
now reduced to mere souvenirs in the Box
that has our relationship demoted to “stuff”,
To be returned to you, labelled Ex
Along with a piece of myself belonging to me no more.


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