Her Dictatorial Strut

Sitting on my white throne, ready was I
For some meditative contemplations
Like drooling on Kardashian sisters
Surfing through cosmopoliton pictures

When she glides in, nonchalant as ever
interrupting my mood, ignoring my privacy, 
Suggestively, she takes to pacing around
Demanding my attention, asking for love

I try to explain her the inconvenience of it all
She wouldn’t have it, no, she wants me right now!
And between the poop waiting to be flushed
and her determined dictatorial strut

Trapped have I become & it’s all my own fault
For why did I forget again to keep the door locked?
But insensitive as always to my lamenting thoughts
Asudden she made a jump, drowning my yelp with a “meow!”


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