Your Karma Absurdity

Oh how you stalk the grounds
that my digital feet walk on
Scouring in hopes that
my thoughts and public posts
will finally attest to that absurd
Karma theory of yours
that dearly you cherish so,
Because never could you
handle rejections like an adult
so when I, out my life, kicked you
something for me must go wrong
because you want to believe
that for you, your God's looking out
and that it must all come around
For how else will you go on?
So desperate and hurt, you
pin your inner peace on my fall
Anxiously waiting, watching clocks
All because your pathetic life
has never had better wants
&, crying about your petty heart
Like a sad, broken record
is all that you were ever 
And will forever be good for.


NOTE: This work was not created in an attempt to cast aspersions on people who do believe in Karma and/or who do like to surf through social media accounts not their own. It was borne out of imagining a particular scenario that may or may not share any resemblance to this writer's personal experiences. Also, this writer may not subscribe to Karma ideology but she definitely has done her fair share of online stalking! 
So there ain't no saints in this corner of the blogosphere! 🙂

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