Be The Sidekick

Photo by Ian Dooley
Oh you, of adventurous spirit & fierce glory
Yes, you.
You are the hero in your own life-story.
But 'round you, so is everyone else in their own.
And when they are in need and look to you
for answers to their troubles, your love & support
The best thing your honorable soul can do
is be the finest sidekick to their superhero.

For no Frodo, no matter how fearless & strong
Ever reached his metaphorical Mount Doom
To destroy the Evil once and for all
Without relying on his trustworthy Sam
And though the ballads may be sung 
for a chosen one but without a loyal
fellowship of friends,
all stories would've ended
before they'd even begun.

So hear me, oh you child of curiosity,
Wear a cape of kindness & remember 
to always find a way to stand up
for a friend, on the sidelines cheering her on
For there is none better than the one
who keeps showing up to be a pillar
of support and comfort,
Always in truth shining through
as the heart of every fantastic story,
fictional or true.


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