Wise Up

C'mon...Throw it at me ...

Throw at me your beloved hatred, your judgements
for having this glorious body that doesn't fit 
neither the scales nor inches of cuckoo standards 
that long you've perpetrated on how a woman 
is supposed to be.

Your ideas of beauty bathed in sick endorsements
From a society hilariously blind; live to scrutinize us 
to death but wants to praise and crown skeletons,
yours and mine, for eating cotton balls with booze 
and two pills, or ten.

Now C'mon show me how outraged you get 
by my loud as fuck laughs when I dance a salsa
on 'em jiggly thighs draped in short skirt adorned 
with ripples of fat & hey, don't you dare forget
my rivers of stretch marks

Criss-cross they go around my calves and back
Narrating the origin story of my badass mighty self
Tell me how does it insult your aesthetics and taste
And while you are at it, don't get cut by the nipples 
on my plump breasts.

Yes, my prolate spheroids hang proud, unconfined
by your thick-headed theories of what is beautiful
But sure, I get it how my mountains have had you
terrified; intimidated & full of malice you squirm,
trying to make this killer Queen feel body shame.

Go ahead, make protests, shriek, laugh or point,
Your pitiful self desperate to bring me down a notch
& I get it, this is all you've ever learned, been taught.
To give it all up in hopes to better understand
requires guts that you don't have.

But do remember my silly, confounded hater, 
there now sits a huge crack in your ignorant mirror 
made by relentless knuckles that are knocking down 
your farcical principles of what is or isn't in trend,
And if you don't wise up, eventually you’ll end up
becoming “so-last season!"

© EntangledDesigns

4 thoughts on “Wise Up

Add yours

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. I am glad I wrote it. It proved to be a sort of cathartic release of all that rage that had once took hold of my heart. Body shaming can have disastrous effects on self confidence. I am fortunate that on me it didn’t leave a lasting damage; that I came out stronger because I found strong women to look up to but the struggle is real and negativity relentless. I plan on keep making a stand on it for the rest of my life. Thank you for reading my work. I always appreciate your feedback and thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so glad it didn’t leave any permanent scars. I know what it feels like to have issues with body image, but I believe this is something that most females suffer from due to society’s unrealistic standards of female beauty. Your poem was filled with incredible strength and determination not to let others define ourselves. I think it is wonderful that you w rote about such an important and relevant issue. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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