Some Kind Of Happy

Lying beside withered bouquet
of calla lilies like the one that
once stood half strung by your side,
I watch Parseid streak by.
Searching for courage in 

the tiny little metal you wove as token
Of your love, round my now shivering finger,
streams of tears refract our time
on this cold, sable midnight.
Catching my gaze by their lights

those stones like bright burning kites
glide gaily across clear midnight skies,
wanting to pull out my frail heart
from ol’ familiar depths of blue,
that ache ever so fresh, ever so new…

And I am afraid if I let them
take away my attention from bitterness
Of losing you, my love, I’m afraid…
I’ll hate myself to find that I can be
some kind of happy without you.

© EntangledDesigns

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