Beyond Reality

This one was built using twitter prompt: reaching beyond reality.

Today has been, so far, one of those lazy days where all I want to do is stay in bed, read an old classic like Anna Karenina and not do anything. But alas, my brain’s been running in hyperdrive for past 24 hours and it just won’t stop… In 30 minutes I have written 3 poems just to exhaust myself but nope, this stupid creativity train isn’t stopping. And it’s not like I’m churning out any Pulitzer level stuff. Nope! It’s the usual mess. Each moment that I am unable to relax seems to only make next one seem longer! So yeah, its my day off and I am in hell because Albert fuckin’ Einstein, time truly is a relative concept!

There! That’s an excerpt from my complicated life story. I might regret sharing it, when I am better rested. For now, it stays here. I hope you, whoever and wherever you are, reader, is having a better weekend than I am. 🙂

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  1. I wish I was in creative overdrive! My brain frozen from the cold over here, and all I can think about is staying warm and “will my car start in the morning?” And your writing is definitely not a “mess,” and if you insist on calling it a mess, then it is the loveliest mess I have seen. 🙂

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    1. If only creativity could warm the engine of our cars just as it does our hearts. 😋
      You are too kind, Cubby and you don’t need hyperdrive to write awesome stuff. You already do it so wonderfully! 🤗 I have so much to learn and usually only manage to write an abysmal short verse in the time that I get. Thank goodness things have slowed down at my end. If only my brain would take a break too. 😄 Thank you for such a lovely comment.💕

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      1. Strangely enough, it was only after reading your poem that my creativity began to dribble out again. Some of your creativity must have overflowed and spilled onto me somehow.

        The way you write is marvelous! I sometimes wish I could write like that, but I have made peace, more or less, with my own writing style, and I simply admire what I cannot achieve in the writing of others. 🙂

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      2. If only I could tell how many time I have written after reading your work! I find it encouraging… reading your poems and others I follow here and elsewhere. It’s like your creativity lubricates the cogs of my imagination to churn out something good 🙂 my goodness, does that sound dirty! I didn’t mean it like that though! 24+ hours, no sleep and insomnia is ruling my body and mind! lol!
        And you’re a published author, Cubby and moreover, I have read what you write so I won’t hear of any comparisons between your work and anyone else’s. You are awesome. 🙂

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      3. Lol you are really too kind. It does sound like you need to get some sleep if you are running on no sleep and insomnia. That’s when I usually crash and sleep for 24 hours straight.

        As for comparisons, it is difficult not to draw comparisons at times, although this is not necessarily a bad thing as it can fuel the desire to improve one own’s writing. I believe your writing is awesome too. 🙂

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