Culled Hopes

Kissing my head,

you culled my hopes

Blew my roof with your drones

Stripped remnants of my dignity,

I stitched all night sitting

beside ailing Liberty.

Let me tap into your veins

Of pious hatred,

Let me tap into your rage

so next time when

you pick up a knife,

I’ll get a machete.

Ā© EntangledDesigns

5 thoughts on “Culled Hopes

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    1. I meant to add more to it… But then, left it as is. War and the consequences of destroyed lives only lead to more destruction. The idea came after watching a CNN coverage of Syrian war and the aftermath of drone strikes.
      I’m glad you liked it. šŸ™‚

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      1. So true! It’s one thing to write a poem while being in the safety of your own home… It’s another to live through the actual dreadfulness of war. No prose, no verse can reflect the amount of pain many are going through.

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