Surrender My All

I have tried too many times,
can't put the leash on this desire
that wants to hold you, kiss you
if only you give it a chance,
Restless is this undying want
to have you come back to me
like you once did...
My cloud of self assurances
that asked me to walk away,
To get my thoughts back in the cage,
Moving on like I have always done
because I was not ready to admit
that I could want you this much,
Has dispersed...
Your prismatic light is shining through,
blinding the guards around my heart
and it's getting harder and harder to ignore
what you have long known
but too hard have I tried to
It's all that they wrote in
million songs, innumerable
poems, did countless plays
and yet, it turned out to be
so much more. Maybe
that's why we aren't done
writing over and over,
all about love…
And not once have I been
unable to think of you
All the 'could be' possibilities
of us have started to feet real;
ridiculous it may sound,
but in the fancy of daydreams,
we have sailed through
a few years...
So yes, go ahead and laugh,
how the thought of losing you
has reduced me, of all people,
to this nervous wreck...
But one mention of your name
and I lose myself in a crowd,
all alone, a sorry state to be sure.
And yet, living without you is
something I can get through.
You've known it and I do too.
Pain has always been, to survive,
my first drug, how else did I
resisted your charm for so long
but just this once,
Just this once I want more...
So give me another chance
to get it right this time.
One more chance to show you
what I have truly felt...
Let me love you like none else has,
give me the green light
to go ahead & make you all mine,
allow me to absorb your naked soul,
just say the word and in it
I'll make my permanent home,
say the word and I'll surrender my all.
 © EntangledDesigns

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