The best you,
the human of limited empathy,
can do is reduce all Her ferocity
Her outlier choices, Her agency
and Her so very wrathful a glory
Into a big list of negatives
That never fit your feminine theory
& through an aperture of ignorant
perspectives you watch dismissively
glaring, proud “nutty" women
and their “raving" survival stories.

While trying to make sense of it all,
Branding them “mad" or "man-eaters"
"Gold-digging attention seekers"
Brilliant for sex and yet, still weaker
On & on go, sullen you with swollen pecker
With wild claims of being as big as better
Yet hilariously staying clueless as ever.

And though the whole shenanigan
Is pitiful more than it is enraging,
Interspersed with copious humor servings
I do what I know best, why, exactly
what you have accused me of
which is that on you I do laugh out loud
like crazy!

© EntangledDesigns

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