Storm Of Wants

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Storm of wants staged a riot 

in his once quiet heart and though 

he takes not what doesn’t belong to him, 

but lord, did he wish her to grant

the privilege to have her love,

like a wildfire consume her world, 

glazing in lust every inch of her 

till her attention was left no more to give

to anyone nor anything else but him.


4 thoughts on “Storm Of Wants

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    1. It does sound like an unhealthy, possessive kind of love, doesn’t it? 😄 That was not my intention though. I thought tying in permission from a partner and power of her consent through words like “grant the privilege” and “does not take what doesn’t belong” would somehow subdue the strong emotions but it didn’t translate that well. 😋 Anyway, thank you for taking the time and reading my work and for the wonderful feedback. 🙂

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