Final Time

Here I lay, naked on this bed of thorns

I have been dying since long ago

Each one prickles my will to go on

And you didn't see oh what I have become

Drank freely, uncaring your thirst,

from the rivers that ran from my hurts

Sun rolled up and your vultures came

Fear moaned loud, my tears ran dry

And you didn't believe oh how I've withered

Ate merrily, ignorant your watch,

from all that leftover love I tried to save

in times of need to nourish my strength.

Here I lay, naked on this bed of thorns,

I have been dying since Church bells rang

Each one burned, all vows now ash

I am dying for the final time,

rising slow with these winds of dust,

all that's left are my lonesome thoughts,

nothing meaningful for you to pawn

Like my trust or child-like hopes,

I am dying for the final time,

dying to escape your world of pain.

© EntangledDesigns

7 thoughts on “Final Time

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    1. No, not at all but you’re very kind. Thank you 🤗❤️

      This has no resemblance to my personal life but I wanted to understand this perspective of being trapped in a relationship where one loves more than the other and how it can at times push you to dangerous edges. Plus, the right song came along whose lyrics filled in the voids in my imagination 😋

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      1. I am learning. The last thing I would want to do is become rigid in my opinions and be judgemental without understanding different perspectives. I guess being a natural science student also helps in challenging my own biases. But I digress. Thank you for reading my work! 💕🙂

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