So What?

The Rising – By yours truly.
So what if I am the branded one?
They call me a cautionary tale
But when all's said and done,
I don't remember trying to hide the news.

That I won't toe the line nor I would
Cross my legs to sit pretty for you
Or hide my scars to fit in this world
No, I'll never be any less stubborn
till I get exactly what I want
Your ordinary just isn't enough

Yup, I am the Bitch who never settles.

So what if you find me broken?
I proudly walk with my demons
Live days of brutal, relentless battles
Just to survive to see one more time
Star strewn arms straddling the skies

To make the same old choice
to keep on living as long as I can
So yes, I'll gladly compare our strengths
After, in my shoes, you have walked a mile

So what if you think I must be mean?
Because I say that yes, I am beautiful
without waiting on your approvals.
Painstakingly have I taught myself
to understand the difference, 

even if you never did,
between Confidence and Conceit.
That I can never love anyone else
Unless I can respect my own being.

So what if you think I am too much?
I am here to be all that I want to be
Doesn't matter whether it fits
Your rules of successful living
Or your ideas of blissful harmony.

So what if you can't see me for me?
I love fiercely with all my heart
just as I live with all that I have got
And I think that's a darn brave thing
For someone you've callously labelled as weak.
I mean, really, so what?


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