Wandering Dicks

Everyone knew but me, baby

That you broke not two vows but three

While I played my faithful part to a T,

You walked arm in arm down Alice street

With her whom they likened to a cheap floozy

But maybe like me, about you she was crazy

Gave away her silly heart for safekeeping

Now she stands accused, the only sinning daisy

So has always been the age-old story

Two made the choice, but only blame a lady

But baby, it's you, just you who broke our deal

Shattered all of my love into a big nothing

And now I sit in dark holding a smoking steel

You by my feet, a suffering spread-eagle

Begging then cursing that I am a witch

But baby, all blame hangs by your wandering dick.


19 thoughts on “Wandering Dicks

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      1. 😂 okay, okay! I’ll back off for now… But I still am waiting for those two to have one meaningful conversation without getting interrupted by rain, hail or Paul! 😝
        Anyway, there’s no pressuring a creative, they say! 🙄😝

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      2. Yeah, I wondered about that… I wondered why George felt such a strong attachment to Jan when it’s only been half a day, if they used to be mere colleagues. There is so much to unpack here about George’s life and the people in his life. ☺️ I know I say I can’t wait but I also understand the time it takes to lovingly create an engaging story. So as long as you’re having fun with it, Jen, you have got one fan who would eagerly wait for the next chapter, whenever it drops. Although, will it ever drop, Jen? Will it? Look at the time that has passed .. nope! Supportive friend…. I am completely supportive of you. Take all the time you need…. Just don’t take it too… Okay, that’s a wrap for me! I should get some Benadryl for my cold and shut up! 🙊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lots of thinking to do about this. To end or not to end…there’s the rub. I’m having fun and seems others are as well. It seems to be turning into episodic TV lol I love you being so supportive my friend ❤🙂🌼❤ Be well and NEVER SHUT UP! ❤🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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