Eons Ago

You said it over and over again
And never did I reciprocate

Out of fear of deviation;
From a path of singular want

Now that I possess after which,
all my life, relentlessly did I run 

While dropping for you crumbs
Of hope along my solitary way

Hanging you by rope of excuses
Pulled the lever to open the Trap

You made love to your Hangman
As I slowly strangulated your faith

Occasional tales began to evolve
A chronic liar came to bed instead

My selfish need to have someone
Comfort my lonely, troubled days

But you are no more here now
& It all feels emptier than space

As I sit on fame's skyhigh edifice
My body being no longer sustained

by a heart that left my chest
What now seems like eons ago.

© EntangledDesigns

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