Interminable Grief

 Losses and grudges now sit
deathlike; tombs weighing in
On my heart, a wrecked ship
All four chambers in a seal,
except for years of pain
that's flooding in,

A lump in the back of my throat tried
tosend a flare to my vacant eyes
I blinked...
Called it a stray speck;
And you were so easily convinced
that what you saw was no yawning abyss
But a silly light's trick.

Ha ha, now I laugh with faces three
& sparkling teeth
You and your never-near-company
Chimed in,
Automatons of modern society
deaf but forever droning

There goes my last mayday wink
As lungs begin to give in
Life dissolved in bubbles, rising
to pop on a surface unseen
One more big gulp of suffocation
And bones have begun to languish
Silent falls all struggle;
that annoying gasp & thrashing
Down I sink, ready
for burial at the sea
of my interminable grief.
© EntangledDesigns

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