I Saw You – Part 3

I saw you

In ethereal worlds of sonnets

Your words eagerly built 

a tempestuous fire,

Burnt away my inhibitions.

I cried tears of longing

Waiting, Waiting

perchance you felt the same

Only to realize

what a fool I have been!

I saw what you wanted me to see,

what I was yearning secretly

Unveiled to be a smoke screen.

Now I see the cracks

In your enchanting mask

A man welcoming hatred 

With his cheerful, ignorant bliss

Oh how slyly you dismiss

That prejudices don’t exist

And to think that I thought

I found kinship in a soul

who would never dare believe

In a pain that never touched

him or his,

Saved by the privilege

granted by his skin!

Shame on me

For looking beyond

Our appearances

For falling for your humanity

That you lovingly dissolve

In the acid of rampant bigotry.

It all came too late to me…

For I saw you –

saw you to be more

Than you’d ever want to be

And I did fall in love…

An aching burden that lies

Only with me.


Bet you didn’t see this twist coming in, Reader! 😛

Being in a different headspace can really change the direction your creative work takes. I wrote this one after an interesting discussion on how in this era of internet dating apps you can never really tell who’s going to turn up at your door and all the pretensions you have to stay on the look out for.

I wanted each part to stand alone as an individual tale in itself. I wanted the third one to be a final eulogy for passionate new love; a sort of a final adieu to this theme. But it turned and took a different road becoming more a story of betrayal and hurt than of sincere love. This is not, in any case, an argument against internet dating. This is not some poetic documentation of real events.

People usually are good and no matter our political differences, I want to believe that most people are willing to cross over and talk to each other as human beings without building walls of judgements.

But then, I also believed Britain wouldn’t continue it’s glacial trod toward certain doom, Mueller report wouldn’t yield nada, Bolsonaro wouldn’t become President, Europe will continue to keep fascism at bay, Aung San Suu Kyi would never let something like Rohingya massacre happen and that she certainly wouldn’t shy away from taking a strict stand against it, Captain Marvel will get over 90% in RT score, Shazam! certainly wouldn’t (not that I’m complaining), Supernatural will never come to an end and that I’d be able to keep dancing to Michael Jackson till the day I die. So…Yeah.

Stay safe and a very happy weekend to you!

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