True Love

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21

“Wow! This is a scenic spot. Where is it?”

“Ah! I have no idea! Found this at the Goodwill store down by Papa John’s. You know the place?”

“Oh, yeah! Bought some of my best antiques there! But shh… tell no one!”

“Haha… yeah! I just bought it for the frame. The picture came with it. More tea?”

John picked up the teapot and Marina complied.

Their conversation went on for another half hour but John’s eyes kept drifting toward the picture. After Marina left, he finally had time to reminisce. Time to trace the rough edges of the pond that sat snugly inserted between the remote but lush greenery of Corbine National park. Time to remember his beautiful girls sleeping at the bottom of its undisturbed murky surface, away from prying eyes of a world that wouldn’t understand what it means to love. To truly love…


For Jen Goldie

17 thoughts on “True Love

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    1. I’ll try my best to be regular though I am still on edge about whether I really do have anything to contribute. See, Jen’s a writer. I, on the other hand, am an imposter. I pretend sometimes that I can write. Other times, I tell myself, “I don’t have to be good at it because it’s not my field!” 😛 But I love stories and last year I was bitten by the poetry bug, so I have been pretending to be a poet since then. Maybe I could stretch the facade a bit further to pin short story writer tag to my puffed up chest as well? 😛 Anyway, it’s a wonderful initiative and it keeps the creative juices flowing so I’ll keep coming back. Oh, and you are a wonderful writer. I read your poem on this particular prompt and I absolutely loved it. I might have fled without leaving a comment because mundane chores intervened but I meant to. 🙂

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      1. You don’t need a label stuck to your chest in order to contribute. Just follow the rules. Especially that bit of not exveeding 150 words (have consideration for me, who reads them all and leaves comments)
        And it needn’t be a poem, nor a micro-fiction; It could just be a quirky caption. Or an answering photo (as long as it’s your own work). Enjoy it. Fun is the name of the game, Let’s make this a stressless zone.

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  1. I believe I owe you an apology. I took you at your word, and in consequence, I underrated you. I sit at your feet, as if you’re a giant, a master, and me only a minor pupil. To which part of your talents do I refer? The art, the poems, the determination, your astro- and quantum-physics in both of which I dabble, but in truth, am an ill-informed bystander. Yes, I have belatedly read your About page.

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    1. Oh no! No…no! I am no giant or master. I am a huge nobody and big nothing in this world of far better, kinder and talented people. I don’t think you got my reply to your previous comment. The image I used for my poetry ‘Wise Up’ is not mine. It definitely is from Pixabay. The link on the image takes you to my poem. If I post my artwork, I do sign it. I am an abstract artist and I can combine colors to make pictures look good… that’s it. That’s all of my art in a tiny nutshell! My poetry is passable at best. The only thing I am good at is physics because that’s the only thing I want to be good at. I am no genius but I have worked hard and I still keep working hard. But believe me, I routinely wake up feeling stupid about not knowing much about the Universe. I’d rather you underrate me than make me into something I am not. 🙂 You don’t owe my any apology. You were right the very first time.

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      1. I would say you are an enigma, and a very likeable person.
        Anyway, sparked by our conversation, I’ve scheduled to re-post on Friday (12 April) the digital art I originally posted in Sept 2016. Hope you like.

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