Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi
You left crumbs
on wriggly paths of sin,
I followed,
holding out
lantern of hope
for your undiluted zeal.

When the axe fell,
who would’ve thought
it wouldn't swing
the other way,
so you walked
while I cowered
'neath the gallows
of a broken heart...

No juror turned
to save my naive head
helplessly still
caught between
these floundering heels

& when the verdict was revealed
it almost broke my chest,
turning out to be
worse than death,
for they sentenced me to live!


34 thoughts on “Verdict

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      1. I understand 🙂 I think I should instead focus on poetry prompts here on WP but I don’t know about authors that offer good ones. Could you please suggest authors who post word/phrase/picture prompts for writing that I can follow, even if I can’t engage with them regularly?

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    1. So true and unfortunately, a feeling that resonates with too many. Although, maybe that’s not too bad a thing. Love whether reciprocated or not, does take you on a mad ride and has a unique way to make you feel alive.

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      1. “which we chose to call poetry”… A loud, persistent voice in my head is laughing at me for choosing to call my work poetry 🤪and a kinder one gets your wise remark and is thanking you for taking the time to read my work.
        In all sincerity and kidding aside, thank you! 😊

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      2. When I was younger, I used to write little poems and it was the rhymes that used to make it feel like poetry. When I got older, I read free-verse poem and listened to hip hop and realized, that’s poetry too. It’s not just the rhyming or following a fixed pattern… It’s an observation about life or an account of personal experiences, silly or sad anecdotes or tragic or powerful emotions… It’s a series of relentless strikes on the heart told in terse sentences or connected, sharp phrases. It’s a story that grips you from the start, makes you dance with it and doesn’t let go till the song is over. That’s what poetry feels like. But I don’t know what exactly it is.

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      3. You know, it’s poetry if you felt like you hit the right emotional note. I have written things that sometimes received quite a lot of likes but I personally didn’t like it or felt that it was missing something. I doubt I’ll ever call it poetry in my head. You are a poet when you are able to write exactly how you feel in the moment and you do it with utmost passion you could conjure. 🙂 Even if everyone else doesn’t agree, if the piece speaks to you, if you find it satisfying, then you have written poetry.
        Though sometimes the critic in our own head gets the best of us and we undervalue ourselves. I know because I have been fighting with my inner critics for quite sometimes now. I wish I could be that kid who used to think, “because it rhymes, it’s poetry”. That kid had a lot of nerve and not much time to pay attention to the voice in her head. 😋

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