Reckless Love

That Which Broke And Regenerated To Be Evermore Powerful – By yours truly.
An everyday struggle,

A choice made religiously.

To stop the time from dissolving
My forbidding resolve to never forget,
nor ever forgive 
for what you did break so carelessly...

To stop from reigniting dying embers
of that which once was written in
what I mistook to be 
an indelible ink of fidelity

So I move on in search of something fresh,
A bond made of sincerer stuff,
Moving on for the final time,
I'm moving on from your reckless love.


6 thoughts on “Reckless Love

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  1. I feel it. And I’m sure it’s a sentiment felt by many, and not all of them women. We females can be wicked, unfeeling creatures when it suits us. And I like the artwork. Excellently matched to the poem.

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    1. It’s an old one…both the poem and the artwork. I haven’t be able to find enough time to create anything new. 😋
      I agree that women can be equally as apathetic and unkind as men and the voice of this poem can’t be colored as if it belongs to one gender or the other. So glad you like it! 😊

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