Queen Of Sleaze

‘Caught’ – By Yours Truly

Warning: Following poetry is riddled with profanity and the sarcastic tone paints a derogatory picture of women who are expected to meet world’s impossible standards of beauty. If swear words easily fray your sensibilities, then please refrain from scrolling down.

Unlike my mother I was never magnificent
born quite ordinary 
from one of remarkable beauty
But In my flesh I was ever content
For I didn’t know about my plainness just yet

No, I only saw myself in mirrors of love
Till I turned five & Self-hatred knocked the door
She began a tale by saying - It’s a fucked up world,
full of Judas brothers and opinionated mo'fuckers
And you my darling, are a pudgy piece of shit

One on many piles of fat girls and skinny bitches
All required to purge authenticity while blowing kisses
Eating souls till all that's left is an endless abyss
Happiness be fucked, just drag another bump
Let self worth be smoke, dignity be dust

Because darling, they’ll hate you for you
But flash ‘em your collarbones over anorexic ribs
Hypnotized, they’ll crawl to suck up to you
Cherishing your IV Life of drip, drip, drip
You'll finally be adored - a fucking Queen of sleaze

HorseMen of Unoriginality, they are the blackholes
Worshipping waxed pussies paired with bleached assholes,
Because, baby, you'll quickly learn - it’s a dick-insane world
Where society is home just for the herd
Busy rubbing it’s shaft of absurdity

Cumming on deaths of ingenuous personalities
Go ahead, kill yourself but you’ll get no control
Over that body your mama so lovingly held
So change this and for fuck sake's do change that
Look pretty, dammit, give a prettier smile

"But I am a child, I am good…I’m five!"
Tears of indignity ready to raise hell,
I shouted at her with all that compelled!
Her hearty laughter ominously rung,
“Oh, you pusswit!" She said, "Goal is to catch ‘em while still young!"


19 thoughts on “Queen Of Sleaze

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    1. Yes, it feels good. Although it’s a cyclic process… This purging of the negativity that keeps on leaving stains of doubt in our confidence no matter how many times you wash it away through reflection and re-learning to love yourself. It needs to be said over and over again….as many times as someone tries to compare one woman to another, one needs to stand up and shut this absurdity down.

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      1. Don’t give up. Though I’d ask if you’re tried NLP. You start with the core believe. You know what you were told wasn’t true. Write down the lies, And burn them. Write your own truths and pin them where you can see them. Believe it’s gonna change you. And it will. It will cascade down from the core and change everything about you. Okay, that’s the theory, And it’ll only work if your believe it.

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      2. No, I have not come across it until now. This poem is an amalgam of experiences shared by many women I have known in my life and it’s not just mine. I write it in first narrative because it resonates deeply with the rage I have. I don’t want to cure myself of that rage and though I do get doubts but I have loved ones around me who words I can believe when my own mind plays tricks on me. But when I am myself, I have trained hard to not give much f’s about anyone’s opinion on my body or looks. I said it’s a cyclic process because I have disorder that loves to channels my worst. As for NLP, I love the idea of burning negative thought. That kind of physical action can be so soothing. I love the idea behind it. I believe I have done it in ways that are in line with this theory. 🙂 The belief that you are enough… It needs to recited, reciprocated, taught and accepted.

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  1. I confess I was weary of scrolling down. And then, I was glued to the piece till the last word. The mother just represents many in the outside world. The angst is very real.

    Thank you so much for joining in!

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    1. Thank you so much for that kind comment. I knew it would be a little controversial but then, the topic it’s on is nothing of the ordinary sort. I needed it to be jarring.
      Thank you for the wonderful prompt.
      Looking forward to future challenges you’ll offer.

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  2. Truth! Bleached assholes are the stupidest thing ever!!!! Yuck to the women who think they need this done! I always think the shaved pussy is about pedophilia, the jerks can’t handle a real, natural woman who can think for herself!

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    1. I mean, if a woman chooses to get those things done because she loves it, well, more power to her. But I don’t know how it became a choice. It’s mind boggling to know that one day a woman woke up and thought to herself, huh, bleached asshole….I wonder what that would look like when I bend down and see my arsehole in the mirror???
      I want to just yell, “why???” but I don’t think there’s one answer to it. Maybe porn has made us all so whacky. Especially poem that’s been made for the male gaze! What am I saying! All porn is made for men’s consumption. Women, are just the props. And shaved pussies….my goodness that shit is such a nuisance. I mean, again, if it’s a woman’s choice, great! I’ll cheer for them to be however they want to be. But it ain’t my jam.

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      1. I think I heard that the woman who invented the asshole bleach, discovered it by “accident”! Haha, how did that occur!? Was she cleaning the bathroom while naked? Yes, women are just the props, but there’s no humans without them, life is of full of upside down logic. Men are the ones with fur like hair they should be the ones shaving if anyone should!

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      2. Amen to that, sister!
        As for that unfortunate “accident”, I am pretty sure it was some white misogynistic dude! Women have put up with too much shit for too many centuries all just to please a man. From corsets to bleached assholes, being a woman is to pay a lifelong toll.

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