Healing vs. Forgiveness

One of the biggest lies

for centuries has been

living it up big,

under the disguise of

“making peace”

& that is

if you want to heal,

You must forgive.


Healing and forgiveness are mutually exclusive.
Letting others be rid of their guilt for whatever mistakes they commited shouldn’t ever have to be your responsibility.
Putting yourself back together doesn’t necessitate pardoning your offender in order to find the road to recovery.
It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Forgiveness can come naturally and that’s great. But it’s also great if you never feel the need to forgive and only want to focus on your well-being. Those who do forgive are not better than those who don’t want to so let’s drop the act, shall we?

8 thoughts on “Healing vs. Forgiveness

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  1. Yes! It annoys me when others preach forgiveness as if it’s the only correct thing to do. Personally I usually chose to forgive the person but I never forget, and I also sometimes remind them of what occurred haha! Trust is essential to me, once someone has violated it, it’s very difficult to rebuild! Not minor things, but truly hurtful actions don’t erase from my memory easily.

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    1. I can relate with that. I, personally, find it difficult to forgive. I can make peace with the fact that everyone makes mistakes and that sometimes people don’t mean to hurt you but they do. But I can never move past a broken trust and reaffirm my faith in that person. Lately I have realized that’s okay. As long as I am not reliving the pain, as long as I have made peace with that, I am good with never forgiving. πŸ™‚

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