The Nut-Cracker.

Photo By Timothy Paul Smith
I wore a short skirt.

Men presumed

I must be a flirt.

Every lewd stare tries

to catch my eye.

They claim I'm a tease,

Attention-seeker on the fly.

My eyes stay fixed

straight ahead,

responses to the point,

Conversations curt.

Exit routes constantly

being mapped

in a frustrated heart.

They believe a slight graze

of a hand can't hurt.

I swing around 

& knee their precious nuts

And then they cry

I'm crazy as fuck

Well what did ya expect I'd do, you numbnut?


9 thoughts on “The Nut-Cracker.

Add yours

    1. haha! Thank you so much, Judy! I have missed a lot of your poems lately. Couldn’t get enough time to read them. My loss! Past weeks have been hella hectic. Anyway, will get to your wonderful work as soon as I catch another break!😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine too. I have seen your posts but too often something or another comes up and then I don’t come back to check it out. I have been trying some new things to manage my disorder better and keep the work going and it’s been working so I am happy but also more busy than ever. But I am such a fan of your writing, I need that dose to stir up my thoughts! ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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