Auf Wiedersehen

Cherubic Babbling – By Yours Truly
Been a day & five months since I said goodbye
Doing a loop de loop, 
on our determined swears
to never see each other again,
Here you now stand at my doorstep,

Drenched by a drizzle, joking to me
how I hate romantic clichés,
corners of your lips angling just the right way
A quiver in the heart, repose being betrayed
Your cherubic babbling doused in carnality,
My defenses rapidly falling to decay

Didn’t we step out of our usual motions, 
like grownups; the pragmatic adults
declaring we had an incompatible case?
Yet, never searching a path to something better
We kept on walking the same ol’ road
to each other that goes to a dead-end
Gear it up, step on the gas, 
we love loving each other till the crash.

You burn me while I kill you each time,
Our toxic romance has all the tragic signs
Still not ready to say "Auf Wiedersehen",
Deceiving mirrors, lying to our friends
Living in a bubble of fantasy may be insane
But getting high on an old love’s familiarity
watching you watch me, ducking reality,
Saying "ich liebe dich”, just one more time
has now become our addictive necessity.


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