Constancy of space,
linearity of time
round my tired mind 
has been cracking under weight 
of dark matters of a tattered heart
that stands shivering bare
in this crowded bar bombinating 
with tinder bees, grinder DDs
Bubbling cocktails and thirsty lips
& despite all lustful feelings,
grooving hips, sly winks,
dirty slurs of whisperings,
It’s still you who’s on my wish-list.


8 thoughts on “Buzz

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      1. “scan lists of synonyms and antonyms”… how did you know my secret, so-very-original writing process? 😛
        I completely agree with you. Too often the best works come out when you don’t analyze them too much and let the emotions flow freely. By the way, I love your work. Thank you for sharing it.

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