Cages We Build To Trap Ourselves In – by yours truly.

Charming your way into my soul,
Spinning one lie after next,
you’ve made your way through,
I let the walls down,
Did you get a better look?
Gave you a sumptuous spread of my all,
You feasted beyond your fill,
So did you find in me what you wanted to?
Now that I am exposed,
Emotions standing naked for you to touch,
Did my vulnerability made a notch
In your diffident, brutal debut?
I always knew your tell,
have seen your countless flaws,
Now I am the one who knocks your heart,
Are you willing to let go of control?
To cut down these restraining ropes?
Break down the bars that kept you unhurt?
Here I stand waiting for you,
Making no promise of mercy,
Vowing no utopian course,
But a ride or die troth, whatever may come.
So are you ready to open the doors?

© EntangledDesigns

5 thoughts on “Walls

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  1. Oh? 🙂 I love that analyses. It is indeed a complex love affair. Though one party already knew that the other was playing the game and yet chose to love them anyway and now offers to put the cards on table. 😉
    Thank you for the wonderful comment, Crispina! 🙂 ❤


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