Your romance makes me
swoon almost the way
Your knuckles do.
Its Imprints round my
hurting wrists
spar with the stone
that sits pretty
on my fourth finger.
Sweeping me off my feet,
tracing the scars,
You etched on my skin,
kissing each one as if
that could put the pin
back into this
grenade that is our Love.


7 thoughts on “Grenade

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      1. 😄 yeah… I get it. But one can only write so much on romance without exploring all facets of a relationship. The good ones, the bad one and the really ugly ones… I find writing about them gives me a better insight into the complexity of it all. It’s not a likable poem, but it mirrors reality and that’s why I found the subject interesting to write about.

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      2. Well, for my part, I do love nasty stories. Their rawness holds an element of truth too inherent to human nature that you can’t escape it. Or, maybe it’s the macabre of emotional devastation that pulls me. 😛 If you do ever decide to write something on the similar lines, you’ll definitely have this one fan eager to read it. 🙂

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