I folded my tragic cares

that would leap and bound

At a chance of your stare,

Into an iron portmanteau

That anchors my despair.

For I know your frigid heart,

No one ever did live there.

Falling hard for a bad choice

so easily ripped life to tears.

Sewing cleaved spirit back on,

sipping brio from chalice of prayer,

I unveil your cruelty to all,

Holding up the sign, "Beware!"

The phrase “tragic cares” in the first line… I heard it in a beautiful song by Folly And The Hunter, called, ‘Tragic Care‘. I don’t remember how I chanced upon it, but I remember loving it the moment I heard it. Its lyrics are absolutely wonderful. Give it a listen, Reader. You might not hate it too much. ๐Ÿ™‚


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