Cubical Living

Cubical Living – By yours truly.
The White Cube
I suffocate in daily
Bears scratches
of my manicured nails
That cross off days
till mundane weekend
finds its lethargic way
Into my tepid,
existence that pines
for Greener alleyways.
While surfing
During lunch breaks
Through our collective
Photoshopped haze
Fantasizing a life
That fits descriptions
Of the Picture Perfect,
As sweet deals
On another winter sale
Pop up to offer
Same ol’ empty chase,
becoming just another
remote semblance
of a satiating Happiness.


Β© EntangledDesigns


11 thoughts on “Cubical Living

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      1. I doubt anyone would. I found it funny because the protagonist wants something meaningful from life and yet gets distracted by the winter sale! He/She is very much aware of the pretty facade of social media and yet still surfs through it on lunch breaks. πŸ™‚ Anyway, thank you for reading it, Jen. I liked your profile pic, even if a little pensive. ❀

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      2. Thanks Hon. I’m getting more and more discouraged and upset with social media content. I’m seriously thinking FB is not a healthy place. It boggles minds. Sets your emotions on a rollar coaster. Or mine anyway. I get in and out as quickly as I can. I do find WP a pretty healthy and warm environment.

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      3. I agree with you. It’s also addictive and therefore, in my opinion, requires a lot of self-discipline to make the social media work for you in a healthy way. I don’t know what exactly has upset you, my friend. But know this, it’s not you. Someone else’s negativity or ignorance can never diminish your positive attitude, your great sense of humor and innate nature to encourage people. ❀

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