The Game

Prompt Word for a conversational style story: Basement

“Awww….I gotta pee & your mom’s been in the bathroom for past 40 minutes!”

“Really? I should check on her!”

“She is FINE! I can hear her humming in there!”

“Haha…yeah, Ma does that!”

“Damnit, I can’t hold it in anymore!”

“Use the one in the basement.”

“Nope. The light in there flickers.”

“You’re a prosecutor who puts murderers in jail and you’re afraid of the dark?”

“Well, every superhero has her kryptonite, Dan! Come with me?”

“You’re kidding!”

“Please…pretty please?”

“Ugh! Karen, I’m watching the game, can’t you hold it in for twelve more minutes. It’ll be half time then…”

“Wow! Just wow… I know now what YOUR vows are gonna be! “For better or for worse, In sickness and in health – unless the game’s on – then she can go fuck herself!””

“Okay, okay…Jesus! Let’s go!”


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