It was only after you left,
having broken
sanctity of my trust
so thoroughly that I
didn't know how to
put myself back,
did I realize

all I was ever to you
was just another toy,
a thing to be used,
then cast aside,
so easy has it always
been for your kind.

And it was this flash
of epiphany that fanned
dying embers of Self,
excising demons of pain,
it kindled my Rise again.

Hello Reader!

I have a question. If you, like me, are into writing poetry (yes, I am saying that with a straight face so try coming up with a sincere answer), do you, after having written one, find yourself wondering about the title? Specifically, do you, like me, think whether the name you have chosen has already been used for one of your previous works? Because lately, I have found myself scrolling through my old poems just to check whether or not am I repeating the same title. πŸ˜›

Side note, I don’t like adding emojis while writing my thoughts here, nor do I like adding them in my comments, however, dry humor really doesn’t translate well online. Or maybe, I am not very good at making it transcend the limitations of there being no facial expressions. πŸ™‚ There! I have added the obligatory smiley to let you know that I am writing this all while being in a pleasant mood (I said that in a kidding manner and no, I didn’t roll my eyes.)

Ooh… And isn’t that gif amazing?

Have a good day!


20 thoughts on “Rise

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  1. WOW! That gif is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart* *smiling with glasses* and I *heart* your poetry. She said seriously but not too seriously. *Emoji with wonky eyes” *laughing* ending with a red heart and another smile oh and possibly a red rose for emphasis.

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    1. *Laughing with tears in eyes* I made a mistake adding the gif. Its beauty has overshadowed my average poetic attempt number – too many to count –
      *laughter emoji* X 3 (That’s three laughing emojis)
      I am glad I have one admirer in you, Jen, in my otherwise bankrupted account of fame! (there’s no emoji for half-kidding statements; maybe it’s the one with a little tongue peaking out of it’s smiling mouth?)
      I love the red heart and smile you sent me. Thank you so much! Also, I love the red rose too, that both is and isn’t here…. (A little Quantum physics humor) *wide smiling emoji*

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      1. Gently wiping tears away and smiling. You are one of the most honest people I “Know” and I LOVE (triple red heart) you for it. Now I’m sending warm hugs and saying “Keep writing” and being who you are. You are very important to me, she said selfishly. *Bigger smile and more hearts.* !!!!!

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      2. I am? *A pleasantly surprised emoji* Thank you for saying that, Jen. I am just happy to know that it’s not just my mother who likes my poetry or, me! *laughter emoji* All kidding aside, thank you for saying that. If I could really tell you why it meant so much to hear you say that on this particular day, I wouldn’t write it here. Not on the internet, where despite the digital permanence, sincerity is as ephemeral as it can be. I’d write it on paper and mail it you. *smiling emoji*
        *Heart and hug* your way!

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      3. Yes you are. Just so you know there have been days where a simple emoji from you or anyone has helped me through. We all have “Particular” days. Be strong and know I’ll be sending positive vibes your way. OH HELL! ❀🌹❀😊😎

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      4. Okay, but if we are being honest, it really was the emoji mostly from me that helped you, wasn’t it? I know it was. 😁
        I see your package of positive vibes has just arrived. The delivery man was a bit rude, but it’s all gonna be fine soon. πŸ™ƒ
        Thank you, Jen. 😘❣️

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  2. I don’t have the problem of wondering if I’ve used the title before. Except for a few poems that were written before I started the blog, my every post is logged in a table. Boringly methodical, ain’t I.

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    1. Not at all! That’s some impressive organizational skill! I write my poetry on Evernote app when traveling or just to take a break from work and then forget about it so that when I do decide to make post here, I end up scrolling through old notes! I still haven’t posted a lot of old poems…one or two of which were actually readable! I’d say compared to my lax attitude, your way is a time-saver and sensible.

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  3. As someone who uses one word titles, I have to be very careful about naming. However, you can see very quickly if you’ve used a name if you’re either on a computer, or access WP via an actual browser on your phone. Just check your post settings and look at where it says “Slug”. If will autofill that field in with your post title, and if you’ve used it before, it’ll add “-2” or whatever to it to denote that it is a repeat of a previously used title.

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    1. Ah! That’s quite informative! I just checked it out and you are right. It changes the post slug by adding a 2 if you are repeating the title. However, when I was checking it out by repeating a title, it only showed up after I published the changes. Meaning, if I had used the title before and now I am using it again without realizing it, then only after publishing the post would I be able to check the permalink or post slug to see that I’ve made the error. Am I right? I have only tried that with an old post and seemingly, that’s how it worked. But thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.

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      1. For me, I can write the title, and then click inside of the post window, and the field will update while I’m actually there writing the post. Also, it will not show it if you’re using the WordPress app…like…at all. You absolutely have to be in a browser, or at least that’s been my experience.
        And I just checked, this apparently is not something that seems to work in their new editor, only in classic mode.So if you use Gutenberg, I’d say just switch to classic to check your title, and then, once you have that, switch back. Easier than trying to check all of your old posts for title overlap.

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      2. No, you’re absolutely right, checking it while editing the post is way easier than to actually scroll through the older posts. And it didn’t show up on the WP app, but I kinda expected that. I use the new editor and it doesn’t seem to work on it. But here is the weird part, I switched to classic, and it still didn’t work. Maybe I have to try it in a new post as opposed to the one that’s already been published because the changes there are saved unless I update and republish it. I am gonna check it out. Thanks again!

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