Seasons Of Us

Verdant Dreams – by yours truly.

Rising from under the lazy covers of a Wintery snug,

Spring of your love slowly takes hold.

Swirling verdant dreams of us,

floating up, higher into the sky,

soaring into it’s cobalt finish.

As sunny kisses like butterflies, flutter about my skin.

Filtering in through the open, waiting windows,

Summer of your touch boosts up the Heat,

White hot from its pulsating impatience, 

racing gasps compelled

by taut, sweltering grips,

Igniting insatiable fires within as leaves turn greener still.

Cool air of your Autumn breath, now breathes

Fiery life in my titian appeals,

It asks to ask for more…

As deciduous forests of Wants dress up

for attention in this Carnival of two, 

Uncloaks carnal cravings,

Standing bare, so hyaline!

Untamed Winds bellow, prodding seasoned leaves

to make room for another stage to unfold

in its ivory sheen.

Pearly dollops of cold have been dropping in, 

landing on a million wispy flakes of Snow

that hugs firmly roof of a Home

Standing, humming cheerfuly

beside Holly’s peeking crimson-green.

Flushed with toasty warmth spilling out of the balmy hearth,

It happily sways with the melody

of rhythmic Blues,

that play just the right syrupy notes

in the company of a pair of dancing feet.


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