Killing God

Warning: Following is a poem proudly blasphemous toward organized religious ideologies and their Gods. I am an atheist and I respect your right to believe and practice whatever faith you want to as long as it does not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of other people. As an artist, I don’t owe you any apology for creating things that don’t sit right with your sensibilities. I am not here to babysit your displeasure or hurt feelings. But as a courtesy, I have added this warning for your benefit. You’re welcome.

Keep faith, said God
it all happens for a reason
As my Siblings lay defiled
Mother licking looney bin
My Father committed suicide.

Sitting in platinum pantheon
Handed me His Book of Creed
hung shame heavy on my every cilium
Blessed Totems for my sinful breed
Lips ruby licked by silver idioms

He threatened me to devote my all
My reasons staunchly quelled with fury
Emphatic warnings to cleanse my soul,
My queries met with a biased Jury
His Blind beliefs, as usual, led the Calls.

Walking wearing lavish silken robes
He wrapped Ignorance in Faith’s Cape
Preaching oblivion through bigotry & hoax,
Having heard enough I took the blade
Ripped His tongue, cut His throat.

In His heavenly marble hide
Dug myself a bloody nest
Feasting on God’s depraved insides, 
I heard His voices fade to rest,
Slowly relished each gory Bite, just like He ate Me and Mine.


20 thoughts on “Killing God

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      1. I don’t like pack mentality. It tends to limit perspectives and I have a mother who is a devout theist and the most brilliant women I have come across who is more open-minded and tolerant than most atheists I have met. So I am honored you liked my work and I will happily join you in a tête-à-tête on Atheism, dangers of religious ideologies and everything in between but if we must stick together, it can’t be just because we are both atheists. I am hoping, as individuals, we are more interesting than that. 🙂


      2. Perhaps “must” is a bit strong. I merely want to support those who question the accepted “wisdom” and search for truth on their own terms. I much rather find people I respect to discuss – and debate – those existential truths we wrestle with. Though having some base commonalities makes those conversations better and less likely to devolve into a fight or shouting match where no one is listening. So … less stick together and more accompany like-minded folks and learn other experiences?

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  1. This is amazing. I loved the imagery that you used and the way you put your words together. I am in awe. You have written a beautifully skewering poem which hints a little at sadness. Not for god(s) but for those who have been damaged by it/them. I love this poem. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Jay-lyn! It means a lot coming from you (given that I have a teensy-weensy crush on that creative mind of yours!) I am glad you caught that hint of sadness. It was the spark that created this scorn-filled work. Thank you for reading it. 🙂


      1. You are making me blush. Your poem was so evocative. And as a word woman (I love words I guess you can see and how to use them in different ways from the norm) the way you wove them together brings vivid pictures to mind. At least for me it did. Again really well written. 😊😘

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  2. I too have suspicions of groups of any kind. The minute you question a groups creed or beliefs you become an outsider, or at the very least suspicious. It seems to me we are all put here for a reason. Our growth as a sentient being should not be governed by what other people think as long as we respect each other and don’t cause each other pain or suffering because of their beliefs.
    The long and short of this is, I deeply respect you for posting this. Powerful and full of truths.
    Thank you. 💜🌹

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