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We Prefer Malarkey – By Yours Truly

So deeply are seeped discriminations in blood streams,
welling up the chasms of ignorance within,
that it’s impossible to cut a zealot’s thick skin
Or counter his absurdity without losing the grit
and the precious temporal tock-ticks.
Vehement stay calls for traditions to supersede
rationale or reasoning because, I’m afraid, we prefer malarkey.
How else would you concede the cause for burgeoning deceit
if it’s not our own fatuity and the impressive
penchant for vanity?
We chide Saturn for our slips, fear Mercury’s apparent retreat,
look to Venus for a love laced eve,
avoid people born in the wrong week.
We are special, one of a kind things
or so goes the asinine premise, as we happily gamble in puerility.
And then there are amongst us, the ever stilted
scholars who rely on the Cranks spouting “theories”
with no evidence or engaging schemes.
They love stand-alone beliefs challenging consensus and painstaking inquiries,
alas, inadvertently displaying their own cerebral bankruptcy.
And it is not so, that only few hold the capacity
to scrupulously learn the scientific methodology,
Though, no doubt, a laborious activity,
With years of tutelage, discipline & drills, enlightenment is of course promising.
But perhaps that is the very reason why it’s simpler to follow a fanatic.

Comments this week that made me wish one could slap the ignorance out of people because rational explanation certainly doesn’t do the trick:
1) “Stereotypes are statistical averages and therefore necessary! I don’t see how that’s racist?”
2) “It’s both the Sun and the rising number of sunspots and Earth’s weakening magnetic field! The poles are reversing which is causing global warming. You have to take both effects to explain the changing climate. A well known astrophysicist says so in his book. You’re saying he’s wrong?”

If it goes against the scientific consensus, it doesn’t matter who says it and how many degrees she/he has, try not to bet your life on it. In fact, take everything that person says with a grain of salt and a jar of skepticism! Appeal to authority is one the most often used fallacies and especially by people who have had no training in conducting scientific investigations nor are they familiar with peer reviewed research. As for your or anyone’s personal feelings getting hurt by the facts, let me leave you with this quote:

Science is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. It is evidence that does the dictating.”


Put in, I believe, a rather more profound way: Feelings be damned!


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