Trials And Doubts – By yours truly.

Whispers of love riding sweet Ocean breeze
perforates thresholds of distance,
ringing bells impatiently
Waving message in bottles of poetic strophe
washes up the heart’s coast,
hoping to be read eagerly,
But I, forever leery, dare not answer
Keeping this tumultuous
fervor for you anchored
For I can stand your blame,
your resentment, your anger
Even your indifference would cut but only a little
But it’s the thought that you might be sincere
No mirage formed by heated yen,
but a mettle incarnating the real
That your words could be more than
sandy castles on a seaside brink
Unlike the humdrum wooers on spin
It’s that which makes these knees buckle,
Threatening a tempestuous ruffle
Such is this skeptic’s struggle
My immunity dwindles in trouble,
But knowing the end if it’s just a hustle
I leave the burden of proof with thee.

© EntangledDesigns

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