Feeling A Little Green – by yours truly

Oh the poor me!
Writing real bad rhymes while
Drowning, frowning in self pity
You left me in a howling mess
And now I’m drinking to the memory
of a love that had makings from the start
of a “never meant to be”
For the wires, as usual, they got crossed,
The signals I felt serenaded with
Were in truth meant for the Other’s heart
Never was there a chance of an “us” and a “we”
In this permutation of you and your beloved
Such has been the calamity
Where I, high on the seventh cloud,
Bouncing up, floated around, feeling giddy
When instead, away I should have just rolled
as the third wheel that I was indeed!
So what’s what now stands forth
Smacking fancy out of this fine lassie
And seeing you fawning all over your flame
I confess that I feel just a teensy-weensy bit green.

I have been wanting to share this oddball of an art piece for a while now but didn’t know how to fit it in a poetry until today! 😁

© EntangledDesigns

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