She – by yours truly

Each day she comes home

& carefully closes the door behind,

locking the feral World outside.

With each heavy step,

undressing her tired self,

she lets the walls in her mind dissolve,

letting the pain come crawling forth,

addressing each stinging nerve of hurt.

Sitting all alone in her

own little nook of solitude,

she arches her back and with a deep exhale

lets all of her armor fall off,

melting away the facades

into the quiet nothing of Night.

Relaxing her bare feet

on the cool ground of refuge,

she slowly massages the distressed toes

that hiked through hardships today

and will be ready to do so tomorrow again.

But tonight, after sewing up

the unjust nicks,

prejudiced cuts, bruised ego

and a disheartened spirit,

she rests cozily with a soothing cup of Calm

as the Jazzy melody of Take Five

strums on her heartstrings.

A haggard face gradually softens

and a smile slowly rolls out of pursed lips,

lighting up the room

like a serene moonlight

shining through the doleful dark.

© EntangledDesigns

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