Fugitive Sheen – by yours truly

He seeks the usual in my labyrinthine existence.

Same ol’ nuts and bolts of sanctioned, familiar living.

She needs what matches a romantic consistence.

Good ol’ pixels that declare a picture perfect loving.

He speaks declarations in two eighty characters of insistence.

Love’s sine qua non now intimacy garbed in peacocky wing!

She sees approval of chummy strangers a necessity for subsistence.

But it’s my refusals to play for the crowd that set off bells of Mistrust to ring!


6 thoughts on “Mistrust

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  1. Like the alternation of he…, she…, it sets a good rhythm, easy to follow, leading the reader on to discover… as to the alternating rhymes… enjoying persistence. And the picture is wonderful blend of peacockish colours. All of which means I like this

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