Melancholy – by yours truly.
Getting over you feels 
like a round the clock job
I never applied for.
Now sitting amongst those
experienced in nursing a broken heart,
I wonder whether this melancholic life
will ever be able to write
a chapter after "You".
Excuse me if I don't believe
that some Twelve steps could cure
my addiction blues
because I stepped away
a thousand miles
just to escape this pain,
and yet, conspiring winds
still haven't stopped
whispering your name.
They say to take it one day at a time,
but your wretched indifference
is busy digging in my chest
a deeper void.
And it's ringing with deafening echos,
"Did I even matter?",
"Was anything ever real?"
"Or, was it all some grand trick at my expense?"
My reality now seems caught
in never-ending wary throes,
ridiculous as it may be,
but I just can’t seem to trust my own shadow.
I know I haven’t written to you in a while,
& to show for it, today I got my 30 day chip. 
In spite of all the troubles I go
to never let your thought bother me,
the words you write still
keep finding their way into my dreams,
bothersome your ink of creativity
gets entangled in my spirits, 
raising troublesome storms within, 
plucking some unseen strings, 
it hums a tune and the lyrics,
they suddenly appear
sitting on my lips
as if they had always been there,
waiting for the song to begin.
Tell me, how am I supposed to get over you like this?


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