My, my how you crave superiority!
To be the Supreme of the brood.
How you cherish your Father's name, 
Venerating your ancestry, your elite institute.
For your inward thoughts speak, "I must be unique."

“Better than rest; not just one among many."
Fighting unconscionable wars for some holy prestige,
Disregarding facts that it's unreal, made of intangible vanity
Erect stands your puny pride for your vitriolic beliefs,
as you hysterically try to keep rationality under siege.

So desperately you cling to frivolous claims
that hail you as the rightful Kings and the Queens.
Finding myriad ways to argue for your nobility.
"Why," say you, "I have the right colored skin!"
"My last name possesses the socially acceptable ring!"
"My bloodline conquered impregnable bastions!"
"My Genesis was a sign of that majestic hallowed thing."

So goes the self-assurance toward your failing integrity
- I am right because I was born extraordinary!
But all those fallacies can't save an iota of your humanity.
Rectitude long piled up to negate your perverse creativity.
And how your own actions shine on your degraded morality
While foolish words betray mask of your so-called authority.

My, my how it hurts you to see relentless defiance
How it riles you that hatred never finds utter compliance
So you bawl and you scream.
You maim and you kill.
A raging buffoon trying to burn the timeless Verity.
That no one can outshine by pushing others to inferiority.


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