Intentional Mistakes

Photograph by Edward Eyer
Wakeful nerves drum in syncopation
with the mixtape of your thoughts.
Long stopped working lucidity's threats 
of dire consequence 
that misery lies in waiting 
if I keep up with this vexatious resolve.
You're the reel that has come undone
from its spool in my cassette. 
Maybe from having pressed rewind one too many times 
but darling, if this were ever a misstep, 
then you were my intentional mistake 
and I'll confess to no qualms.
Taken in by acumen 
so charmingly possessed, 
what blows away my mind every single time 
is how the goodness you inhabit is so scarce. 
There is no other that comes close to your brilliance, 
or rather, no one I'd care to want. 
Percolating into the dreams 
with each letter written, 
you are becoming the song in my every dance 
and, were we to become adrift, 
be in a span of a month or shy of eternity, 
you'll still be the one who ever held the might 
to break apart this reticent heart.


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