Once bitten

Willfully turned a corner
around the doubts,
finding taste of Elysium 
under your odic shroud.
Unaware that in latency
there could exist parched wants,
Perhaps spurred by a sapient guile…
But may be not?
Maybe it really was the promise
of striking resemblance?
Now caught is my essence
in tempestuous renaissance.
Fault is, of course, mine for I erred
Not leaving the day when I asked
but you demurred.
Despite owning a cynic’s view
Against better judgment
I still keep choosing you.
For quandary may stand unresolved
whether to take a leap of faith
or abandon hope en masse
But as the saying goes,
once bitten… This time I’ll know.
In the absence of your explicit wishes,
wouldn’t dare again to step forth.

– EntangleDesigns


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