This speaks to me at a primal level ūüėĀ
I once stood in the middle of a copse
of familiar faces colored beatitude 
through casual kinships, 
seen from a lens angled just right, 
but only if you watch it under filtered light.
The leaves and the branches
gossiped away into the heavens,
Same ol’ babble on antediluvian matters,
Sure, there was a parroting of laughter
somewhere in the back of my throat
but it sounded, as usual, vaporous.
Always finding itself stranded midway
before it could reach the corner of my eyes
to make valleys of joy
between ridges of mischief.
And in this thicket of flourish,
there was never a reprieve
from the searing harshness
of solitude’s heat.
No, all I found was a dolorous wrench
stuck somewhere in the pit of my essence,
And though for a while, I did try to emulate,
to be indistinguishable from the grove,
wearing identical foliage,
I thought I could fit in
creating the pretense of living,
With seemingly joyous stalks
And serenity dripping from the bark,
but my trunk was twisted, alas!
And my roots, bullheaded since birth,
were always averse 
to perfection’s deformity 
So they let go of the soil
rich in conventionality,
Purposefully extracting my Whole,
they rearranged the mentality.
Having left that prescribed median
Now I flew off the tangent into the deviance
to gradually find where I truly come alive
And as it turns out,
it’s in isolation where I thrive.


6 thoughts on “Isolation

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  1. Reminds me of a college clique for some reason. I tried so hard to be part of them, but then I realised that I saw things differently; looked at life from another vantage point, and so, experience taught me to find meaning in solitude and in reading and writing. I enjoyed this allegorical piece. Well done!

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    1. Nothing new in the idea that one’s own company can be a source of comfort or that there is nothing new left to explore with the Self? Surely, can’t be the later! ūüôā Thank you for reading, Crispina. I hope you are doing well and you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

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