Like A Butterfly

Metamorphosis – By yours truly.


“You weren’t being serious and you didn’t say it first!”

“I was and I did…”

“No, you said you love me like you love the roses and the butterflies and, the stars!”


“So that means you love me like I’m some common thing… like a butterfly? Would you stop laughing!”


“I just don’t see why it’s a big deal for you.”

“I can’t keep arguing about this over and over again hoping today will be the day you’ll see it from my point of view!”

“No, you just want everything and everyone to act your way because you think your are so damn perfect!”

“And you’d rather we keep pretending everything’s fine than talk about the issue!”

“There’s no issue unless you make it into one and you always do!”


“Don’t ever say you love anyone when you don’t really mean it. I loved youI did! But you never felt the same!”



When too often living can feel like an act
prone to grinding redundancy,
It's a gift to watch Her weave an erratic trek
over a monotonously tainted asphalt country.

In this melancholy of unawareness,
Her lusters never fail to catch my eye.
Flitting through the smog in pursuit of lush efflorescence,
Ethereal Her wings, for a while, make my troubles dematerialize.

And to Her transient being every inch of me wakes,
soaking in Her chromatic iridescence.
She is an episodic breath, ephemeral, like snowflakes
But Her’s is a beauty that never needs any pretense.

Infused with eccentric tranquility in Her dart,
She, in her blithely fluttering flyby,
for a moment, tenderly enwraps all of my heart,
leaving a wistful sigh in the wake of her Goodbye

So darling, how can it be that you didn’t understand?
Of course I loved you like I love a butterfly...

– EntangleDesigns

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