In the loneness of pervasive tragedies,
I seek shelter in the coat of your arms 
Future brandishes its knife serrated with uncertainties,
& we hold on to each other a little tighter in return
Let’s spend each moment reliving our love’s memories
For at least today, seems like we have all the time in the world.


13 thoughts on “Time

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    1. I knew the phrase refers to a banner or sigil of a house or institution. “Coat of arms” was a word prompt I had come across and I believe it was intended as a reference to an emblem. But I used it in a metaphorical sense of “embracing your partner”. Later I did think about changing it but thought it works too… Does it not?

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      1. I meant it to double-work… seeking shelter in the arms or under the symbolic form of your lover’s house. See how far I am stretching the metaphor to make it seem like I was being clever with my use of this phrase! All so I can proudly claim… “hey that was my intent all along!” 😂

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  1. I like the double entendre here – I seek shelter in the coat of your arms 
    Future brandishes its knife serrated with uncertainties

    It’s like a little extended pun/metaphor worded in another lovely poem of yours. A little anachronistic too, but in a good way.


    1. I have no idea how I missed this comment (seems like I have missed a couple) but I do tend to switch off all app notifications when I go offline. Sorry that I am replying so late and thank you so much for your lovely comment. I always appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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      1. I believe everyone was facing an issue with their comment sections when I posted this. I too was having a big problem. But it’s sorted out now. Often comments end up in the pending section and can be seen only if you access the dashboard. And no need to apologise. I figured something like that was going on! And you’re very welcome.

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