Say Yes

It has been so long
And everything between us is still the same
This feeling annoyingly proved immutable by time,
finds me this morning waiting for you again
Just like before, my girl, just like before.

I am still who I said I was
and I know you haven’t changed one bit

Since the first moment you tapped my heart
I write all the reasons to stay away,
A chess game between my needs and my want 
Only to burn that list by the end of the day
Nights are longer, days don’t seem to end

Yes, I am still who I said I was
And I know you haven’t changed one bit

At the intersection of hustling lanes,
Your smile suddenly fills my gaze
And angry honks are needed to bring me back
If only there was a muzzle for such things
If only we could switch em' off and forget

But, I am still who I said I was
And I know you haven't changed one bit

Now the world seems to be going mad
Daily prophecies of some heretical doomsday
And if ever there was a time to take a chance,
You know I was always loaded with unwarranted confidence!
So if you'll say yes, I’ll be standing in your doorway.

Because I am still who I said I was
And I hope you haven’t changed one bit...



12 thoughts on “Say Yes

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    1. Oh, I didn’t mean to make you or anyone sad. That’s why I added the gif… In my head I spun it this way: The poet does get the call and reaches their SO’s house only they weren’t home like they were supposed to be so he waits for hours! Which ends up becoming their first fight and eventually brings up the reasons why they had gone their separate ways initially! So he ends up leaving after all!

      Anyway that’s my take on it!

      Have I ruined it enough for you? Say yes! 😂


      1. No. It is a good thing. Sometimes what the reader takes from the words is so different from what is meant by the writer. I have had same thing happen. I mean it one way and it is taken so differently from what I was saying. Mark of a great poet is invoking the emotions regardless of how they are felt. I truly love it both ways.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can’t seem to stand writing painful things these days given the tragic times we are living in.
        So for me every sad thing needs to be slapped with a heavy dose of comedic inference.

        Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read it. I appreciate it. 🙂❣️


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